What should you expect at our center?



When you come to our center you can rest assured that your visit and any information you share with us is completely confidential. We will not share any personal information about you or your visit with anyone outside of our organization.



At our center, you will be met with a caring environment with a professional staff that respects you and your body. We will not judge you, pressure you, or treat you with anything but our best - every time.

Information and Options

At our center, you will receive accurate and honest information on an array of subjects including pregnancy symptoms, abortion, adoption, parenting, STDs, and sexual health.

Privacy Policy

Option 1 maintains the confidentiality of its clients at all times within the limits of the law. ​Staff are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of private information. Disclosure by and between staff of private information occurs only as necessary to carry out job functions as determined by the executive director.