Pregnancy Testing

Our pregnancy test is free and confidential. Whenever you have sex, there is always a chance for pregnancy even if condoms or other forms of birth control are used. If you think you may be pregnant, please call us for an appointment at 605-692-1600.
Some common symptoms of early pregnancy include a missed period, nausea, breast tenderness, frequent urination, tiredness and mood swings. If you think you might be pregnant, you will need to take a pregnancy test. Please contact us for an appointment to take a free and confidential test.

Parenting Education

Our parenting curriculum covers a variety of exciting and relevant topics: Healthy Eating, Stress Reduction, Basics of Newborn Care, Caring for Yourself, Infant Temperament, Bathing and Sleep, Breastfeeding, and much more! Both moms and dads-to-be enjoy the opportunity to learn both fun and relevant things prior to baby coming. Call 692-1600 today for your free appointment.

Post Abortion Recovery

At Option1, we have a licensed counselor who is trained in post-abortion recovery and is eager to work with you. Counseling is offered individually (one-on-one) or in a group setting. Call 692-1600 today for your free and confidential appointment.
The circumstances that lead a woman to choose abortion are not indicative of the intensity of her emotional reactions. Post-abortive women often experience depression, guilt, shame, regret, abusive or broken relationships with partners, denial, difficulty sleeping, suicidal thoughts and other related symptoms – but there is help and healing after abortion. The first step is to connect with a person(s) who is experienced in post-abortive healing and counseling.


My name is Sarah and this is my story.  It was the fall of 2005 that my life took a drastic turn. All of my risky behavior caught up with me and I found myself 21, pregnant, and not in a relationship. Terrified to tell my family that I had once again messed up and got myself into another “situation”, I decided to handle this on my own.  I called an abortion clinic and within days I found myself in the waiting room. (More…)

About Our Clinic

chatLocated in Brookings South Dakota near South Dakota State University or SDSU, Option 1 Women’s Health Center assists women and families experiencing unplanned pregnancy to make the healthiest choices for themselves and their unborn children. At Option 1, we provide free pregnancy test, abortion information, pregnancy help and assistance, STD information, parenting education, birthing education, abstinence education, post abortion counseling and recovery, and abortion alternatives.

We also provide information about the abortion pill and the morning after pill also known as Plan B.  A woman who receives pregnancy support and education during her pregnancy is more likely to have a much more positive view of her pregnancy and birth experience and she will have a more positive view of her child after his or her birth. Abortion is a big decision which many women later regret. At Option 1, we strive to inform you about all of your options and to discuss all of one\’s abortion alternatives in an environment that is confidential, professional and non-judgmental.

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