I Just Found Out

Finding out you’re pregnant can be really difficult to comprehend, especially if you weren’t expecting it. This news can come with challenges you may not have been ready to experience, and feelings you didn’t realize would surface.

You might be thinking, where can I go to get the care and assistance I need? Here at Option 1, we are a qualified facility that can help you find the answers and care you need.

What Can I Expect?

That’s where we come in. Option 1 provides a safe, knowledgeable environment where you can explore your options on this matter, ask questions and gain unique insight. Then, when you’re ready, you can begin putting a plan together, piece by piece, that’s fully informed and one you can feel confident in. We want you to understand you will not be hurried or pushed into an option; anger and judgment do not reside here, and you reserve the right of complete autonomy over your care.

What we provide:

  • A safe place. An environment filled with a knowledgeable and compassionate team that’s here for you while you decide what’s best.
  • Autonomy. Freedom to choose what you want and how you will be cared for.
  • Support. A community around you that will provide you with a family that cares.
  • Quality care. Competent and knowledgeable staff that will provide the best care available.
  • Time and space. Take a deep breath and know you deserve to make an unhurried decision that is right for you.

Where Do I Begin?

We welcome you to make a free appointment with our center. All our services and appointments are no-cost and confidential. Insurance will not be needed or required. If you happen to have someone you would like to bring, we encourage you to do so. If not, however, that’s okay too. You will be well cared for by our compassionate team; you aren’t alone here.

Come as you are, and receive the care you deserve. We will ensure you receive the answers you need, along with the gift of community and resources that will be available to assist you. Receive trusted, quality care from our licensed professionals.