One of the scariest parts of an accidental pregnancy is figuring out how to tell your parents you’re pregnant. Let’s face it, there are a million other things that you’d rather tell your parents or guardians. We get it. We hear from our patients constantly about the anxiety that conversation brings. Many times, simply not telling them at all and having a secret abortion feels like the easiest option, but realistically, it’s not. Open conversation is actually the best course of action for an accidental pregnancy.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together some helpful hints to empower you to have that dreaded conversation. Keep reading to learn more!

Know what’s actually happening

Before you tell your parents you’re pregnant, having specific medical data is helpful. Knowing if you’re actually pregnant, how far along you are, if your pregnancy is viable, if you’re a candidate for the abortion pill based on your health history, and if your pregnancy is ectopic are all important pieces of data. We offer free pre-abortion screenings and can get you all information listed above at zero-cost.

know your 3 options

When you’re accidentally pregnant, it can feel that abortion is your only option. However, that isn’t true. You really have 3 options to choose from; all with pros and cons. Those options are:

  1. Abortion
  2. Parenting
  3. Adoption

Use the data from your pre-abortion screening to really sit and think. The worst thing you can do it rush to any sort of a decision. Remember, there is no “easy” option. Whatever option you choose will be a chapter in your life story forever, so it’s vital you take the time to write a chapter you’ll be proud you wrote. 

Once you’ve thought for a while, make an actual list on your phone of pros and cons for each option. That list provides helpful talking points when you tell your parents you’re accidentally pregnant. A plan will get rid of some of the anxiousness you feel.

prepare for emotions

When you tell your parents or guardians you’re pregnant, it’s totally normal for strong feelings to happen. Just like you had strong feelings when you found out, so will they. They might be mad, they might be sad, they might be in shock. They might cry, they might yell, they might walk away.

All of these responses are normal and okay. Remember these two things:

  1. Just because they are mad or sad right now doesn’t mean they will be forever. 
  2. Anger is just sadness’ bodyguard. If they are angry, likely they are deep down just sad. 

Very often, we see patients with angry or sad parents right away, but as time goes on, those first strong feelings soften. Time is everyone’s friend. 

bring them along

After your first appointment, we’ll likely have you come back to get your STI test results. At that time, we’ll do another ultrasound to ensure your pregnancy is still viable. Some patients have brought their parent or guardian with for that second appointment and have found it helpful to see the ultrasound and hear the nurse’s data together.

The decision is yours, but you don’t have to make it alone

The last thing you should do is make such a big decision alone because of fear. We’re experts in accidental pregnancy care and our services are free, confidential, legal, and reliable. To make an appointment with our nurse, tap HERE.