1030-800Once we have confirmed that your pregnancy test is positive, an ultrasound is vital to having the right information on your options. An ultrasound helps us date your pregnancy and determine viability. 

What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses sound waves to produce pictures of the contents of your uterus. This helps us determine if there is a heartbeat and measure how far along you are. Ultrasounds also help rule out or identify ectopic pregnancies, which are dangerous and need further medical attention right away.

Why get an ultrasound?

Pregnancy tests can indicate that you might be pregnant, but the only way to be certain that you are pregnant is to confirm with an ultrasound. Even if you want an abortion, you'll need proof that you are pregnant and will need to know how far along you are to determine which procedures are available to you.

In order to receive your free ultrasound at our clinic, you must first test positive during your appointment. All of our services are available at no cost to you. Call to schedule today!