Ultrasounds can provide you with answers, options, and information that’s important to your health. You deserve to make a decision with all the facts. 

How Do Ultrasounds Work?

Ultrasounds are useful tools used by medical professionals to gain additional medical information. According to Mayfair Diagnostics, it “uses a small transducer (probe) to both transmit sound waves into the body and record the waves that echo back. Sound waves travel into the area being examined until they hit a boundary between tissues, such as between fluid and soft tissue or soft tissue and bone.”

Why Should I Have An Ultrasound?

An ultrasound reveals information on: 

  • The pregnancy’s gestational age, which can be important for your options.
  • Location of the pregnancy, which can be important to your health. 
  • The pregnancy’s viability. Sometimes pregnancies do not continue, and a miscarriage can occur. 

It’s important to have this information before proceeding so that you know how to best protect your health. Here’s why:

  • If a pregnancy is over a certain age, a medical abortion via the abortion pill is not an option. 
  • If a pregnancy is considered ectopic, special medical intervention is usually necessary to ensure your safety. 
  • If a pregnancy has ended in a loss, a medical professional can help monitor this natural process and ensure medical intervention isn’t needed to help the body complete the miscarriage. 

Are Ultrasounds Safe? 

There are no known risks to ultrasound imaging, and it is considered the gold standard in imaging during pregnancy. 

Is it Free? 

All services and appointments, including ultrasound imaging, is free and confidential. There are no associated costs and no copays. Insurance is also not needed or requested. We welcome you to schedule with our center for your appointment to gain the answers you need to plan your next step.

Protect your health and make an informed decision with all the information.