If your partner is pressuring you to abort, there are ways to empower yourself to process this decision well, so you don’t make a decision you really don’t want to make.

It’s important to be absolutely sure before having an abortion in a clinic or taking the online abortion pill. Your confidence in your decision is critical for long term peace.

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talk to someone not directly involved

Often times, those closest to us can cloud our judgement. Even the strongest-willed person is at risk for being bullied into a decision they don’t want to make to keep the peace. Being surrounded with people who are giving you their opinion constantly is exhausting, so it’s important to set healthy boundaries. If your partner is pressuring you to abort, it’s okay to step back while you think.

Talking through all your options with someone who isn’t directly involved is one of the best ways to process. With no real “skin in the game”, they’re perspective is one you can rely on. It will be unemotional and factual. Facts are arguably the most important piece of the decision-making puzzle, so don’t ignore them.

At Option 1, our specialty is neutrality and facts. Our nurses provide a judgement-free place to talk things through while giving you the medical facts you’re wanting.

Know all your options

You have three options for your pregnancy: abortion, parenting, or adoption. An unexpectedly positive test or pressure from your partner  can make you panic and choose abortion. However, that isn’t your only option. Knowing the facts on all the options is the best remedy to a panicked decision.

Our staff are experts in navigating accidental pregnancies. To talk with a nurse confidentially about all your options, schedule your appointment here. 

write it down

It is helpful to journal all your thoughts during the decision-making process, no matter how big or small they seem. Write down the pros and cons, your questions and concerns. Different days can bring different feelings, so track your thoughts and reread them on different days. Take the time you need to process with excellence.

No matter which option you choose, it’ll be a chapter forever in your life story, so make sure it’s a chapter you’ll be proud you wrote.

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Our mission is equipping women to make informed, medically- safe decisions for the outcome of their accidental pregnancy. Our location is private, our staff licensed and trained, and our services are completely free and confidential. They are legal and shame-free.

The decision is yours to make, but we’re here to love you through it. Don’t wait- schedule your appointment with us today!