How much do abortions cost, anyway? It’s a complicated question with no specific answer. Truthfully, the cost varies greatly depending on a number of factors specific to each pregnancy.

Keep reading to learn more about potential costs for different types of abortions.

Medical abortion (abortion pill)

The abortion pill at a clinic will cost anywhere from $500 to $800. You’ll be charged additional fees for ultrasound, pelvic exams, and any required follow-up appointments you might need. Some insurance companies cover abortions, but not all. If abortion is an option you’re considering, call your specific insurance company to find out if you’re covered.

The online abortion pill costs far less- averaging $350. However, you won’t have a medical exam before you take the pills. There are factors to be aware of before taking the pills like: pregnancy placement, gestational age, medicines that interact negatively with the abortion pill, and your own health history. It’s critical you speak to a licensed medical professional before assuming the abortion pills are safe for you to take. Our licensed nurses are experts at pre-abortion screenings. Make your appointment to get your screening at zero-cost.

Surgical abortion

In clinic abortion costs also vary. Specifically, if your pregnancy is early in the second trimester, a surgical abortion costs about $750. However, an abortion further into the second trimester can cost anywhere from $1,500- $2,000. Like with the abortion pill, insurance may or may not help cover the cost. Call your specific insurance company to find out their policy on covering the cost of an abortion.

Pre-Abortion Screenings

We offer zero-cost, no insurance required, pre-abortion screenings. Our screenings include:

  1. Pregnancy Testing
  2. Ultrasounds (to check for viability, gestational age, and proper placement)
  3. STI Testing (to protect you from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)

Before you spend money on travel, lodging, and the abortion itself, make sure it’s necessary. About 30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage in the first trimester, so an abortion might not be necessary. Abortion is a big financial and time commitment, so get your screening here for free to save yourself time and money. Our mission is to empower you to make a safe and educated decision for the outcome of your accidental pregnancy. Schedule your appointment with our registered nurses to get your screening today.