Ordering the abortion pill, or any medication, online comes with various risks. The potential risks of ordering the online abortion pill are:

  1. Unsafe medication: Taking medication from unregulated sources increases your risk of getting lower quality medication. These pills might be contaminated or have the wrong amount of active ingredients. These factors make the pills less effective and far less safe.
  2. Wrong dosage: Without licensed medical guidance, you are more likely to accidentally take the wrong size dose. Unfortunately, this could lead to complications or an incomplete abortion.
  3. No health screening: It’s important a licensed healthcare provider first looks over your medical history and identify any factors that may make the abortion pill unsafe for you to take. Without professional assessment, potential risks may be missed.

    Also, it’s important to note that several medications you might already be taking have negative reactions with the online abortion pill. Mayo Clinic lists several medications that put you at risk. See them here: http//tinyurl.com/bp72xtay

  4. Late diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy: An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a pregnancy implants somewhere outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. Consequently, if you take the online abortion pill and your pregnancy is ectopic, your risk of severe complications increases significantly.
  5. Incomplete abortion: The abortion pill regimen has a very specific process to follow. Undoubtedly, not taking the medication exactly as intended  can lead to an incomplete abortion which will need additional medical care.
  6. Complications and side effects: Any medical treatment comes with potential side effects and complications. Therefore, it’s important to have a medical professional close by should an unexpected complication come up after you take the online abortion pill.

For your safety, it’s important to talk to a healthcare professional before starting any medical treatment, including an abortion. If you’re unexpectedly pregnant and considering taking the abortion pill, schedule an appointment with one of our registered nurses to lower your chance of risk. Schedule your appointment here: https://option1.org/pregnant/